Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why 'Go' Missed The Mark

In a new look at the gallery concept, the Brooklyn Museum decided to give it's community a chance to show their wares through a contest juried by the community itself. And although nearly 2,000 artists from an art-rich community responded, the result, according to this reviewer, is less than spectacular.

What happened to 'Go', where did it succeed, and, most  importantly for us looking from the outside, where did it go wrong?

Building an art community is more than just putting up art at a widely-seen's more than just gifting a good space to local's more than just putting on a show...what can we, as artists, learn from projects like 'Go' and how can we move forward, making sure not to fall into the same potholes that hurt this show?

And if you disagree with the review (you can see the artists work on their sites linked in the article), why? What about this format do you like, why do you think it worked, what do you think the critic misses most?

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