Friday, January 18, 2013

We've Been Lost So Long In The Forest That The Trees Have Become Our Homes. The What

We've Been Lost So Long In The Forest That The Trees Have Become Our Homes.
Acrylic and Pastel on Canvas.

This piece is about's about the idea of being engrained in a place, a society, a culture, a belief, for so long that it not only becomes a part of you, but you completely forget what you were without it, what you were before it...that there is another viewpoint...that there are more possibilities.

We've Been Lost In The Forest So Long That The Trees Have Become Our Homes references the idea that something becomes more important and personal simply because you've become so used to it. You get lost in the forest and have been there so long, you've forgotten you were lost at all...You've forgotten what your true home've forgotten there even was another home to begin with...

Just because something is comfortable and constant doesn't make it the right thing.

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