Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Coming Months in Art...

Lots of shows, series, projects and other stuff coming in the next few months...check out my list below and mark your calendars!

Friday: If Gallery Night wasn't enough for you, hop on down to Roast Coffee Company on Locust tomorrow starting at 6 to see some of Daniel's new work and take your last chance to see some of my favorites before they go off into private collections...maybe even take advantage of some low prices yourself! I'll be there with some food and drinks, so come on down and we'll swashbuckle the night away.
The Art of Daniel Fleming at Roast.

Next Act Theater: This Saturday, I am setting up work at Next Act Theater for their new show, The Clockmaker. The work will be a collection of recent and past work dealing with the afterlife. Take a look at Next Act's site below, details on a reception to come...

FEB: on the 4th of February, an exciting endeavor begins...or concludes...or becomes available. Whatever it actually is, about a month or two ago, MilwaukeeHome came up with the great idea of creating limited edition "artist" versions of their t-shirts, and I was lucky enough to be chosen to be one of the first two. Join us at Rogues gallery Feb. 4th for the release party of FOUR limited edition designs...two by yours truly.
AND if that's not enough, check out the shirts and a new mini-series from me at the MilwaukeeHome HQ across from the Italian Community Center!

There's more in the works including an abstract show, a photo shoot, a coffee table book and maybe some insanity mixed somewhere in check in for more updates!

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