Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama Reveals Gun-Control Plan

Take a look...

My real question isn't what they do...but why? Is there evidence that these measures will decrease violence? Is there reason to believe that this addresses the problem that causes shootings or will we find out a year down the road that it simply restricted gun rights while spending a billion dollars enacting new legislation?

I'm all for decreasing gun violence...but when a place like Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws and still saw nearly 500 gun homicides this year...when the state of Connecticut already had an assault weapons ban yet still saw last months shooting take place, I wonder if these measures do anything other than ease our minds for the time being and distract from a real solution.

If you simply don't like guns, great...then these measures should please you...but if you are looking for a solution to the gun violence problem, unfortunately, I really don't think these laws will do a whole lot.

Here's an interesting article from a former prosecutor in Washington DC who raises this very issue...

So it comes back to this...if you don't like guns, period, gun restrictions and bans are the way to go...But, if your intention and goal is to stop gun violence, the likes of which we saw at Newtown, I really think there are other avenues that need to be explored.

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