Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Could We Start Again...The What

Like much of my work, this piece uses a rather well-known story to address a concept...and that story is the betrayal of Jesus by Judas...and that concept is the duality of man or our ability to see and experience events, people, and ideas in totally different ways from one another...

This piece was inspired by the rock-opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, a retelling of the last days of Jesus through a slightly different lens, that the "betrayal" was more a difference of opinion...a difference in goals. Where the accepted story says that a messiah was betrayed by a dear friend for money, the other says that they had gotten focused on the wrong message...making themselves saviors...that they were headed in the wrong direction. The "betrayal" was in an effort to return to the grassroots of the draw back from the claims of divinity and continue on a path that worked to save the poor over promoting a man.

That's a rather different take and really changes the perception of the characters...

It's not a piece that seeks to preach either as "truth" but more the concept of re-assessment...questioning...investigating beliefs and constantly looking at yourself so that you don't become a blind follower. The piece is meant to ask you who is who in the story...which is great...which is evil...or is there even a distinction? Is there a definitive right or wrong or is it always tinged with the influence of history and, how can we use that knowledge in our everyday life?

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