Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Giant Hole Mystery A Bit Less Mysterious.

Though they have yet to name a specific cause, scientists assure us that the hole is natural and has nothing to do with aliens...something called a "Pingo" is being tossed around as the likely culprit.

Of course that's just what they'd say if it WERE ALIENS!

and apparently they've found another hole as well...

Mad Dog in a Small-to-Medium Sized Box. A New Piece In-Progress.

A new piece inspired by the most recent violence in Gaza...in-progress...few more hours work to go...

Delta Cancels All Flights to Israel.

Amid reports of rockets near a Tel Aviv airport, Delta Airlines has canceled all flights to Israel indefinitely.

FAA closes route from US to Israel...

Will Madison Grade Based on Race?

A new push for diversity in its higher-learning courses has some crying foul at UW Madison.

Serious Setback for ACA.

An appeals court has ruled billions in ACA subsidies illegal due to a wording discrepancy in the law...

Although I see the issue and the outrage, I put most fault here with the writers of the law as they left this door open with the "wording issue"...why not ensure this loophole doesn't exist rather than hoping your opponents don't jump on it and complaining it's a technicality when they do? Besides, we've been changing the law pretty regularly since it was originally passed, why not simply change the wording once more?

Meanwhile, Obama's ex law professor has stated he "wouldn't bet the family farm" on the ACA surviving these legal challenges.

But take a look here as the Washington Post says the ACA will probably come out alright...

Monday, July 21, 2014