Friday, April 18, 2014

Construction of New World's Tallest Building To Begin in Saudi Arabia.

Continuing the push skyward, Kingdom Tower will conquer wind issues with a constantly shifting facade in order to reach 1km in height…

Maps. A New Furniture Piece.

Acrylic on folding table.
Various Dimensions.

And make sure to check out the two other pieces from the collection below…

Deadliest Incident in Everest's History.

An avalanche killed 12 and left 4 missing in the deadliest Everest event to date…

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Greymatter Presents PEER: A New Show of Drawings by Daniel Fleming.

There's always someone watching…and sometimes it's you. 
Inspired by questions of privacy, protection and freedom in a world constantly under surveillance, Daniel Fleming's first exhibition of drawings asks the viewer to question their point of view and take part in the conversation between the watched, the watchers, and how that line is constantly blurred, whether or not we realize it.

PEER: A show of never-before-seen and brand-new drawings by Daniel Fleming at Greymatter Gallery.
Opening Reception May 16 from 5-9pm.

Jews Ordered to Register by Russian-Controlled Ukraine.

The latest and most troubling report from the situation in Ukraine...

And another article…

Architects Speak Out as Demolition Begins on Folk Art Museum.

The Architects behind the famed but short-lived building speak out.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014