Friday, October 24, 2014

A New Caravaggio?

Well that would definitely increase the value...

Why Is National Park Vandalism a Big Deal?

While many people in the general public seem to understand that vandalizing national parks is a bad thing, there are some that don't seem to understand the outrage over the recent graffiti vandalism being found on a certain instagram users page...

The general sentiment is "What's the big deal...we should be worrying about Ebola right?" Take a look as Modern Hiker delves into some reasoning that this is worth the attention...

Besides all those reasons...that argument is stupid. There is ALWAYS something "bigger" we could be worried about so if that's the only reason you don't care, you better never complain about anything...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

BOM Painting Number 2!


Artist Reappropriates Own Image from Richard Prince Exhibit.

Apart from Jerry Saltz, people seem to think Richard Prince's Instagram "paintings" are absolutely uninteresting bullshit...but one artist who happened to be appropriated by the show, is taking a different approach to getting his work "back".

What Can Modern Music Learn from Studio Constraints of Abbey Road?

With the millions of beats, sounds, effects and post-production tools, one might think that studios of old don't have much to offer today's modern music...but what can technical constraints teach us about the music we make?

Sound the Alarmism. A New Piece.

Sound the Alarmism. 
acrylic on canvas.

Before Banksy: Meet Blek Le Rat, the Father of Stencil Graffiti.

Every time I think I’ve painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek le Rat has done it as well, only 20 years earlier. - Banksy